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push your heart to the limit

What do you get if you mix 50% cardio with 50% strength, you get a cardiac arrest!





This is Fightbox’s latest class based on strength in 4 stations in combination with heavy lifting. The focus is that the muscles should work when the heart rests and vice versa.
The sessions are 50min and you should get 8min effective training at each station, ie 8min x 4 stations.

What to expect



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Available at

Fightbox stureplan

Fightbox Stureplan

Brunnsgatan 5

11138 Stockholm

opening hours:

W: 7-13 16-20

Sa: 9-13

Su: 10-14


Common questions about the workout, studio etc.

About the workout

What is Flatline?

Flatline is death, JOKING!

Flatline is 50% Strength and 50% Cardio.


What's a typical class like?

Class always run thru 4 stations. 1. Row 2. Ski 3. Treadmill 4. Bike. At each station you will switch between Strength and cardio machine. A perfect blend. The combination of above is magic, we promise!

Give me an example?

Sure: 8min x 4 rounds

A) 8min (Switch every minute)

         1. Row all out

         2. Deadlifts

B) 8min (Switch every minute)

  1. Ski all out
  2. 4 Pullups – 8 DB Snatch

C) 8min (Switch every minute)

  1. Treadmill Run on inc. 8
  2. 10 KBS 5 Goblet squat

D) 8min (Switch every minute)

  1. Bike all out
  2. Situps


What if I can't do all the exercises?

That’s why we’re here! Our instructors have years of experience and will be there at the speed of light if you need to modify for any reason. Often the instructor shows these options already at the start. We promise you’re in good hands!

I am a noob, can I join?

Actually this is out most beginner friendly class ever because its so easy to follow and its the same framework every time but of course we mix up the exercises and time of the intervalls. But as a structure this one is so easy to follow and you can pick your own pace and wieghts. The choice is yours and yo don’t have to worry about somebody else


What do I wear?

Regular workout clothes. Shoes aren’t mandatory but can be more comfortable on the treadmill and bike. Indoor shoes, please! 

Do you have water?

We sell excellent bottles of water as well as a carefully curated range of sports drinks. The changing rooms are also equipped with faucets that offer unlimited refills. Bring a bottle or buy in the store.


Do you have showers?

Most definitely, equipped with hot and cold water, premium shampoo and conditioner  and shower gel from Moss Noor. Only the best for you.

Do you serve smoothies?

Funny you ask, yes we do! We have a rotating selection of great protein shakes to complete your workout. Pro-tip – pre-order your shake before entering your class.

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