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Corporate fitness

New All Time Highs for you and your team

Let’s strengthen the health and well-being of your team. Boost both your individual and shared goals together.

Choose from our most popular classes tailored to both new and more experienced exercisers.

Drinks and powerbars are available at the reception for energy before and after the class. 

Our changing rooms are well equipped with eminent hair and skin care products from IDA WARG and MOSS & NOOR. Choose ”Towel Service” and we’ll provide clean and fresh towels at every workout.

Our offer:


5000:- ex VAT

Corporate Workout 1h ink

Class Instructor –

Boxing Gloves –

Full access to hair & shower products


6800:- ex VAT

Corporate Workout 1h ink

Class Instructor – Boxing Gloves

Towel Service – Protein shake

Full access to hair & shower products

But don´t take our word for it

We love the enrgy that Fightbox gives. It’s someting truly special about going into the dark cave and work out.”



”Had such a blast, did some Fightbox training before but it was even more fun the share the experience with my colloeges”



”Our corporate training with Fightbox was incredible! It felt like everyone could have fun and join in regardless of training experience. Extra fun with the boxercise element, felt like colleagues needed it…”

Partys + Event space

Perfect location for your next presentation

Product launch

Team activity

Product demo

Sound & light

Brand Display

Over the years Fightbox has housed a plethora of successful events, photo shoots, product launches, movie screenings and straight out raving parties. Anything can be done. Just reach out and we’ll be happy to help!

Personal trainer

One-on-one session with our outstanding instructors

Do you also feel lost at the gym? Do you always manage to lose motivation just when you found it? Fear not! Our competent personal trainers are ready to help you with everything, whether you want to set a world record in weightlifting, shred your abs for the holidays, walk on your hands all the way down to the local pub, become a Grand Master in Thai boxing or maybe just sharpen up your technique. And sometimes it’s just nice to have someone yelling and screaming at you, getting whipped in the right direction, letting your head down for a while and not having to think. We have longstanding expertise and experience in Thai boxing, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, strength and conditioning, running, etc.

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