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45-75 minutes

different stations

up to 1000Cal

An innovative, full-body workout for the ages. This is treadmills, strength training and simple boxing combinations. Easy to follow, yet exhausting for the body!

Runbox Treadmill station running on Technogym

Run - lace up

The Technogym Skillrun offers sprints, inclines, sleigh, parachute, and more. Skillrun is so much more than your average treadmill. You’ll love to hate all the bells and whistles of this beast.

hit - Time to flex

Classic Fightbox mode. Work with all different muscles on the strength part, using kettlebells, dumbbells and slamballs. AMRAPS, EMOMS, METCON. It’s all about doing one more rep then you thought possible.

Runbox Hit station dumbbell, kettlebell, slamballs
Runbox boxing station, working on the bag

box - go tyson

Expect speed punches, heavy hooks and other simple combos. All boxing is done on individual bags, no need for pairing up or holding mitts. It’s You vs. the Bag!


Common questions about the workout, studio etc.

About the workout

What is Runbox?

It’s our brand new indoor running concept!

What’s special about it is that it’s not just treadmills and strength training. We’ve also added boxing bags to the experience.

This leads to a total body workout, where you kill your legs and cardio on the treadmill and work all your muscles in strength training using kettlebells, dumbbells, and slamballs.

Finally, you’ll let it all out on the boxing bag with simple combinations.

Our goal is to make you sweat and feel the ultimate ”exerhigh” without forcing you into advanced boxing combinations.

Easy to follow, yet exhausting for the body.

What's a typical class like?

The class starts with the instructor describing the day’s workout followed by a 10-minute warm-up where you learn the day’s boxing combo. After that, your instructor will go through the whole session and all the exercises. Feel free to ask questions! You’ll get to start on either a treadmill, strength or boxing bag. The instructor and the clock on the wall will help you keep track of the time and when it’s time to change. After you’ve done your first couple of classes, you’ll be a natural and a Runbox OG in the making.

What if I can't do all the exercises?

That’s why we’re here! Our instructors have years of experience and will be there at the speed of light if you need to modify for any reason. Often the instructor shows these options already at the start. We promise you’re in good hands!

Is there a class for noobs?

Well… almost! If it’s your first time at Runbox we will ask you to be changed and ready 5min before the session starts, then you will have a small 1-on-1 briefing with the instructor. Then the regular warm up will start and then there will be another briefing for the whole group and then you will feel right at home.

Do I need my own gloves?

Yes, gloves are mandatory. They’re available to rent for 39 kr or to buy for 599 kr. You can use your own gloves if you already own a pair.

Do I need to an experienced boxer?

Absolutely not! The goal of this class is to release the wonderful endorphins and high burn that boxing provides. The instructor will show you exactly what to do and has no expectation that you, the participant, should have any previous experience. Expect quick straight punches, heavy hooks, and simple punch series like straight-back-hook etc. All boxing is done individually against a bag and you’ll never have to pair up with anyone or hold any mitts.

What classes do you have right now at Runbox?

Our concept classes are called Runbox45 (45 minutes long) & Runbox60 (60 minutes long).  Once a week, we hold Runbox75 (75 minutes long). We also offer a no-boxing class, called Hiit&Run45.


What do I wear?

Regular workout clothes. Shoes aren’t mandatory but can be more comfortable on the treadmill. Indoor shoes, please! 

Are wraps useful?

Wraps are great but take a long time to put on, so we recommend our ‘quick wraps’ that you can easily take off when it’s time to change stations. You can purchase them in the store.

Do you have water?

We sell excellent bottles of water as well as a carefully curated range of sports drinks. The changing rooms are also equipped with faucets that offer unlimited refills. Bring a bottle or buy in the store.


Do you have showers?

Most definitely, equipped with hot and cold water, premium shampoo and conditioner  and shower gel from Moss Noor. Only the best for you.

Do you serve smoothies?

Funny you ask, yes we do! We have a rotating selection of great protein shakes to complete your workout. Pro-tip – pre-order your shake before entering your class.

Fightbox Slussen

Katarinavägen 20

11645 Stockholm

opening hours:

W: 7-13 16-20

Sa: 9-13

Su: 10-14

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