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Check in, work out – the grand Fightbox hotel.

Located in the heart of Stockholm Fightbox Stureplan is a true class act, with an air of a Central European Artdeco hotel. Guests are greeted at the front desk ready to indulge in the very best of workout classes, spend time in the cardio studio or lift wights in legendary Pannrummet. Enjoy your stay.


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Inspired by Grand Budapest Hôtel, our front desk welcomes all members and guests.
Our cardio room features Skillrun treadmills from Technogym
Technogym treadmill at Runbox Stureplan

Available classes







Fightbox Stureplan

Brunnsgatan 5

11138 Stockholm

opening hours:

W: 7-13 16-20

Sa: 9-13

Su: 10-14

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