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refule & gear up

Fresh Ingredients.

Real flavors – Always protein.

Choose from our menu of smoothies made to order. Loaded with your choice of protein. We always keep our bars stuffed with goodies. Plenty of tasty drinks to be hade after you finish class.

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Assault bike and thai mits at Fightbox Slussen
Assault bike and thai mits at Fightbox Slussen
Assault bike and thai mits at Fightbox Slussen

Seasonal Flavors


banana, cacao,
chocolate protein


banana, blueberries,
vanilla protein


banana, apple, ginger, chili, vanilla protein


banana, mango,
vanilla protein

Salted Caramel.

banana, peanutbutter, salty caramel protein

Modify your shake with
peanut butter or extra protein.
Chooes btw
oat milk, almond milk or water

all that merch

Our merchandise products are limited series. Crafted with care and produced with quality materials. Clothing, boxing gloves, gym bag. We even bottled a our own mineral water from a natural spring in Dalarna.


Fightbox Drugstore logo
A healthy mineral water taped in a natural spring in the heart of Dalarna.

We work closely with our friends at ICANIWILL. We believe our classes are best enjoyed wearing their fine clothes. We have hand picked some outfits that you can buy from our reception. To see the full collection please visit the ICIW website.


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